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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Absolute Beginners
Some people have no musical background at all - but they are learning the joy of making music at any age. Beginner classes introduce players to their instrument and music reading, while teaching the fundamentals of ensemble playing. Even if you're scared stiff... if you have no musical background... if you think you couldn't do it... you too can learn to play!

Former Players
You played in school but haven't touched your instrument in years... If you miss making music, come back with Festival City Winds and rediscover the joy of playing. We have members who have resumed playing after 10, of even 40 years. It's never too late!

Music is a family affair! Festival City Winds has family groups in its ensembles - spouses, siblings, parents and adult children - who enjoy music as a shared activity. Other players took up an instrument when their young children began lessons or band class in school. Parents who are also learning to play an instrument can offer support and understanding to their children (and vice versa!)

"Learning to play as an adult is the best thing I've ever done." -M.S.

"Festival City Winds is the place where you enter with the weight of the world on your shoulders and leave lighter than air." -K.A.R.

"I've always enjoyed band class in high school. Twenty-five years later I still love it, and I'm a better player now." -G.C


If you are interested in joining Festival City Winds or learning more about us, please visit our contact page.