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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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This site was updated on:
August 27, 2020.

COVID-19 Update

The 20-21 season will be different, of course, but we do plan to provide alternative ways of making music together. We are awaiting approval for the use of our rehearsal venue. The plan is to meet, safely distanced, and with extra air cleaning, with smaller ensembles for shorter time periods to reduce the risk of any transmission via aerosols. Startup will be later, probably at the end of September, to allow time for other academic year changes to take place safely without the compounding effect of additional variables. We are not recruiting or accepting new members until we know how many spaces may be available. No concerts are being planned for this season at this time. Watch this space for further information.

The Festival City Winds programme encompasses four adult amateur concert bands partnered with several community institutions in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The structure of the programme provides opportunities for musicians with various levels of experience to participate in group music-making at an appropriate level of difficulty, in a variety of musical styles.

Mission Statement

The Festival City Winds is an organization committed to:

  • Providing opportunities for the musical growth and enrichment of its members through high quality instruction in music performance skills, theoretical concepts, and historical background knowledge. These elements all contribute to general musical understanding and appreciation.

  • Benefiting the wider community by participating in and performing for community events.

  • Providing high quality instruction for adult beginners, and helping to make entry-level musicians feel welcome and eager to continue.

  • Providing an atmosphere of cooperation and camaraderie that enriches the social lives of its members.